DC-AC Drive Conversion 



How much maintenance time does your DC drive consume?

Converting Variable Speed DC Motors to Variable AC Motors

Do you have DC variable speed drives operating motors in the 10 – 100HP range?  These installations may be ideal candidates for conversion to AC variable speed drive systems.  The first step is to identify these systems and prepare a management plan.  If your plan is, “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”, then your plan is shortsighted and only reactionary.  A well thought out plan should take into account the age of the hardware, location and physical arrangement of motor, couplings and drive shafts, and be proactive in nature.

Why Convert?
  • Eliminate high maintenance brushes and commutators in DC motors
  • AC motors are simple, compact and robust
  • AC drives have precise speed control, rivaling that of servo drives
Drives Can Be Equipped With:
  • Predictive Diagnostics- increasing life of cooling fans and relay outputs
  • Safe Torque-Off option- removes rotational power from drive for faster start-up after a demand on the safety system
  • Safe Speed Monitor option- allows you to safely monitor and control the speed of your application, which allows operators to perform some process or maintenance work without stopping the machineHuman Interface Module (HIM)
  • safe-speed-monitor-650pxThe Human Interface Module (HIM) provides convenient configuration
  • Features a high definition LCD
  • Supports multiple languages
Safe Speed Monitor Option Functionality
  • Safe Torque-Off
  • Stop Categories 0 and 1
  • Safe Stop
  • Safe Limited Speed
  • Safe Maximum Speed
  • Safe Direction
  • Safe Maximum Acceleration
  • Zero Speed Monitoring
  • Door Control and Monitoring Enabling Switch