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Automation Solutions LLC is headquartered in Germantown, WI. While the majority of our original customers were located in the Greater Milwaukee Area, we’ve expanded to service both national and international clients. Demand for our services outside of the surrounding area proves that the technology we’re providing has attracted the attention of a global market. To properly service our growing customer base, we’re expanding in 2021 to feature a larger dedicated panel shop, loading docks, additional offices and more space for increased service offerings and the ever-growing team of professionals our customers have embraced.

Automation Solutions LLC Headquarters


Crafting Automation Solutions To Optimize Customer Success.


Commitment to an unwavering pursuit of bettering business through innovative automation practices which optimize process while reducing cost and stress. 

Steve Nordness President Automation Solutions


While enjoying a successful career with a prominent electrical company in Southeastern Wisconsin, Steve Nordness realized there was a gap in the automation services provided by major suppliers in contrast with the unique solutions sought by manufacturers across a variety of industries. Steve left his position to focus on his passion for automation; something he still believes to this day can enhance the productivity of any production business – regardless of size.

Steve’s realization was instantly validated as he was fortunate to secure numerous contracts upon launching his new venture, Automation Solutions LLC. The firm’s focus on deploying custom instrumentation and controls to positively impact the unique challenges of each client quickly earned Automation Solutions LLC a glowing reputation for their attention to detail and ability to introduce new, relevant thinking to help solve the issues which had been limiting their customers. Since opening their doors in 2011, Automation Solutions LLC continues to maintain an approach of providing high-quality, custom solutions for every customer across every industry. Steve has instilled the philosophy among his highly skilled team of experts that:

“No two business are exactly alike. Every customer we work with is entitled to specific custom-tailored thinking on how to best solve for maximum impact. We don’t just put forth over-priced, one size fits all, plan and spec solutions.” 

Despite lacking the name recognition of longer tenured, well-known automation companies, Automation Solutions LLC fills a landscape void by operating as a “boutique” provider of automation services. A provider offering expertly crafted solutions, unique to every customer’s challenge, while still maintaining the resources and reliability of firms larger in stature or name. An additional added benefit of this boutique-like approach is Automation Solutions LLC’s (and its employees) flexibility and nimbleness to pivot and approach situations without the process handcuffs often encountered when working with large, overly structured firms.

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