About Us

After years of working in the electrical industry, the President of Automation Solutions LLC left his job at a major electrical company in Southeastern Wisconsin to start his own design and build automation business focusing on instrumentation and controls. He began building panels in a garage in early 2011 and was quickly joined by a small number of employees to form Automation Solutions LLC. The business began to grow and the company realized they needed a proper office space and more employees to accommodate the volume they were generating.

Automation Solutions LLC was first located on Clinton Drive where the company rented a space for a few employees. The company did not remain at this location for long, as they quickly outgrew the space and desired a larger office with more room for a panel shop. In 2015, the company relocated to its current location in the Germantown Industrial Park. This move to their own larger building with plenty of land will allow the business to grow for years to come.

While the majority of their customers are located in the Greater Milwaukee Area, Automation Solutions LLC has expanded to service both national and international clients. Taking on these projects outside of the surrounding area proves that the technology Automation Solutions LLC provides has attracted the attention of a worldwide market.

Automation Solutions LLC has assembled a team of high-quality engineers, electricians and control panel experts to fulfill a wide variety of control system needs. From simple control panels or programming to delivering complete turnkey manufacturing or process control systems; Automation Solutions LLC can provide innovative results. Specialties include: Heat Treating, Power Factor Correction, DC-AC Drive Conversion, Open Source Building Automation and Custom Control System Design.

Automation Solutions LLC believes that all companies regardless of size deserve access to cutting edge technology to help them drive their company and keep up with ever advancing technology. They aim to be the resource to help these companies through complex upgrades that will reduce maintenance costs and drive up production capabilities. With a strong commitment to communication and safety, customers feel confident to work with Automation Solutions LLC again and again.