A Turn-Key Provider Of Manufacturing Automation Solutions & Services

Saving Manufactures Money Through Integrated or Discrete Automation Design, Engineering & Control Panel Services

AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS LLC is a “BOUTIQUE” organization partnering to optimize manufacturing productivity through custom-engineered system control & robotic integration. With three key business units, focused against our customer needs, we offer expert solutions in:

  1. Automation Design
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Control Panel Manufacturing & Installation

Our approach to design, engineering, programming, build, installation and support ensures each unique solution is expertly crafted to achieve the desired results of our customers. Our craftsmanship results in manufacturers achieving increased performance, reliability, and production efficiency (ensuring the customer’s investment is maximized to achieve ROI).

We offer scalable solutions for any size manufacturing business. Whether you’re in the market for a quick turn on a simple upgrade to an existing control panel or have a need to run cable for the reconfiguration of your shop floor; or if you’re looking for something more innovative along the lines of replacing manual tasks with a fully automated robotic cell – we’d enjoy the opportunity to discus and quote your project.

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A Turn-Key Provider Of Manufacturing Automation Solutions & Services
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