Automation and Control Services

Automation and control systems simply help the brains of your machines work smarter to help your operations:

  • Increase productivityAutomation in action: power factor correction
  • Achieve cost savings
  • Minimize waste and downtime
  • Increase worker safety

Our expert engineers, electricians, CAD designers, PLC Programmers, and panel builders create innovative automation and controls solutions using the latest hardware and software technology.   We provide an unbiased evaluation of your needs and devise a plan which exceeds expectations in a timely fashion.

Project Engineering and Design Services

Systems Integration

Do you have numerous machine level control systems, PLC based and other, custom, machine-specific systems designed by the machine maker?

Maybe different contractors have installed SCADA systems over the years.

We can make this easier for you.

We design a plant-wide system that collects data for upper management and controls mid and lower functions from one location. 

PLC Programming

Our people have years of experience programming numerous PLC platforms. We partner with a number of outside experts in PLC platforms and consult with them when necessary.

The best of the best are working to provide you an optimal solution.

HMI and SCADA Configuration

HMI and SCADA can save you lots of money by decreasing installed wiring and equipment costs. However, HMI and SCADA can run up costs if not specified or configured correctly. Our years of expertise help make sure your hardware and systems are right for the application.

Hardware Specification

Current knowledge of industry trends combine with software programming expertise helps us specify the right hardware for your application.

From the PLC to HMI, to the sensors in your large or small system, we work hard to specify the best components for your application.

From there, we install, calibrate and maintain your hardware, so you have one point of contact for all of your hardware needs.

CAD Drafting

You want everyone working on your project to be on the same page.

We excel at eliminating communication problems by interviewing stakeholders to understand their needs at the system design phase.

A single point of contact in the design and CAD functions helps eliminate communication gaps and make the project run smoothly.

Our electrical CAD drafting services include:

■   Electric power distribution layouts

■   Panel diagrams

■   Circuit breaker drawings

■   Wiring diagrams

Communication Networks

Our team works diligently to clearly communicate with the customer at every stage of the process, ensuring the highest level of customization and customer satisfaction from start to finish.

Start-up and Commissioning Services

Replace distant corporate engineering with a local company for additional support. Greatly reduce travel expense and increase project synergy during startup and commissioning.

Want to reduce costs and optimize results? Contact us for our no obligation consultation.