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Is your machine and process automation out of date?

Antiquated automation systems cannot benefit from the cost saving advances due to increased visibility into the interrelation of the total operation.

Most manufacturers of automation controls limit how long they support older products.  This leads to unavailability of replacement parts when a breakdown occurs.  In control systems, wear is rarely observable, so it is only discovered when the device fails. As equipment ages, the probability of unscheduled downtime can increase as the result of worn components. 

IHC-150 Run Screen

The run screen clearly displays the system controls and its touchscreen capability makes the IHC-150 easy to use.

Upgrading automation and/or process controls has the following benefits:
  • Availability of replacement parts is assured
  • Communication speeds are at state of the art levels
  • Full system integration is more simple (less costly)
  • Touch screens with dash boards and fault recovery instructions can be easily added
Automation Solutions LLC, engineers can assess your requirements and provide a proposal to improve the power factor in your facility.
The proposal will outline:
  • The field work of collecting system data
  • Identification of highest risk components
  • Detailed project specifications
  • Accurate bill of material
  • Estimate for the onsite labor to install and verify the project