Important Considerations When Selecting A Cobot For Your Production Process

OEM Cobots

Once you’ve decided to invest in automating a production process, it’s time to choose a collaborative robot. The selection needs to make your process more efficient, consistent and productive. There are so many choices and options available from suppliers. The team at Automation Solutions LLC is prepared to help you make the best choice possible for your business!

Collaborative robotics, often referred to as cobots, have revolutionized the manufacturing and automation industries. There are many players in this field, and their OEM ecosystems offer a wide range of options. These OEM solutions provide additional hardware and software components which complement cobots, offering both advantages and disadvantages. 


First, you need to examine the ADVANTAGES of Using OEM Offerings from the OEM Ecosystem:


OEM ecosystem offerings are designed and tested to work seamlessly with the OEM’s cobots. This ensures a high level of compatibility, reducing integration time and potential compatibility issues.  


Many OEM products are plug-and-play solutions, making them easy to install and configure. This minimizes the need for specialized programming or technical expertise, enabling quicker deployment.


OEM ecosystem components often come with pre-written software packages or add-ons. This simplifies the integration process, allowing manufacturers to adapt to changing production needs rapidly. 


OEM offerings are designed to meet collaborative safety standards. They incorporate safety features, such as force-sensing technology, which ensures that the cobot can safely interact with human workers without causing harm. 


Many OEM solutions are optimized to improve the performance and capabilities of their brand of cobots. These enhancements can lead to increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. 


OEMs usually provide comprehensive support and documentation for their OEM ecosystem, making it easier for users to troubleshoot issues and access resources for maintaining and optimizing their cobot solutions. 


Given all these advantages, it’s also necessary to be aware of the potential DISADVANTAGES of using OEM offerings from the OEM ecosystem. The following is a great resource in helping to guide your decision. Every situation is unique; but we want to shed some light on the potential pitfalls of making the wrong decision. Of course, you can always reach out to a professional integrator (shameless plug for ourselves – LOL) who will make your life easier when it comes to making the decision and incorporating the cobot with your existing system. 


OEM components are often more expensive than generic alternatives. Businesses need to weigh the advantages of compatibility and ease of integration against the added cost. 


While the OEM ecosystem offers a wide range of solutions, it may not cover every possible application or requirement. Businesses may find that they need to look outside the ecosystem for specific components. 


By investing in OEM offerings, businesses may become somewhat locked into the OEM’s ecosystem. This can limit their flexibility in choosing alternative solutions in the future. 


Some users may require highly customized solutions that cannot be fully addressed by the off-the-shelf OEM components. In such cases, businesses may need to invest in additional development efforts. 


Depending on the specific OEM offering, ongoing support and updates may vary. It’s essential to consider the long-term reliability of the components and the availability of updates for software and firmware. 


In conclusion, using OEM offerings from the OEM ecosystem can provide significant advantages in terms of compatibility, ease of integration, and safety. However, businesses should carefully evaluate their needs, budget, and long-term goals to determine whether the added cost and potential limitations outweigh the benefits. Balancing the advantages and disadvantages will be crucial in making an informed decision when adopting OEM offerings in collaborative robotics applications.

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Important Considerations When Selecting A Cobot For Your Production Process
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