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ROI of Converting a Manual Process to Robotic Cell

This handy tool enables an operator’s assessment of the value created by converting a manual production function (such as a press operation) to an automated single robotic cell. While every business is unique, this calculator directionally demonstrates the cost savings to be applied when seeking to understand the Return On Investment (ROI).

Our experience with these types of integrations have found an investment level of $150K is typically sufficient to convert a single operator process. Upon inputting your business’s unique variables you will instantly be able to determine the efficiency in which your investment is recouped – typically within 1-3 years (pending items such as number of shifts, days of operation, wages and overhead associated with manual labor, etc.).

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Potential Results Consider:
  • Elimination Of Direct Operator
  • Maintaining Material Handling
  • Maintaining Current Production Level
# of Shifts Per Day  
Length of Shift  
Days of Operation Per Year  
Employees Reduction In Manual Labor After Robot
Direct Operator 100%       0 Employees
% Of Operator Time For This Task  
Total Direct Operator Hours Per Shift Hours 0 Hours
Material Handlers 0%       Employees
% Of Handler Time For This Task  
Total Direct Operator Hours Per Shift Hours Hours
Labor Costs
Blended Labor Rate  
Overhead Expense Multiplier  
Average Hourly Cost of Labor $  
Production Production Level After Robot
Units Produced Per Shift 100%
Cycle Rate Seconds Seconds
Annual Production Units Units
Annual Labor Expenses $ $
Labor Cost per Unit $ per Unit $ per Unit
Labor Cost Reduction $ Savings
Cost Per Unit Reduction $ Savings

Some of the assumptions applied to this calculator are as follows. However, should you have questions or desire a more in-depth analysis to your unique situation, please reach out for a no-obligation consultation.

  • Calculations assume a single manual operator will be transitioned to a robotic cell.
  • Production levels are held constant; however in many applications – robots can be tuned to increase productivity and throughput.
  • Costs do not include process changes related to how materials (parts) are presented.  There may be incremental costs for items such as bowl feeders, conveyance, vision systems, etc. if they are deemed necessary to automate your specific cell.
  • Results of this calculator are directional estimates to assist with planning and forecasting. For more specific costs and actions tied to your exact business needs, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a custom estimate and proposal.

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