Manufacturers: Steer Clear Of The Great Resignation With Innovation Through Automation

Every industry is experiencing the impact of the global pandemic on some level. Current “MEDIA BUZZ” is focused on a shortage of goods available to consumers, and the unrest associated with supply and demand – especially as we approach the holiday season. Let’s take a closer look at one of the root issues for the situation we’re headed toward. 

If you’re a manufacture, you NEED to consider how you will address these concerns if you want your business to survive.

Demand For Goods At Hihg Levels
Factory Workers Resigning

For years there’s been a widening skills gap in the manufacturing industry. There are not enough workers entering the industry at the pace required to fulfill the production demand for products. This was exposed in a study conducted by Deloitte. Occupations with the highest projected job openings through 2030 include: Fabricators, Assemblers, Production Supervisors, Operators, Sorters, Testers and Weighers. Also, many of the skilled trades are not being filled, leaving shortages of Welders, Cutters, Solderers and Brazers. The pandemic accelerated this trend fueling what many are deeming “The Great Resignation.”  Your business could be at risk based upon:

  • Older, skilled workers (including many tradesmen) are retiring earlier than expected.
  • Fewer and fewer young workers are choosing to enter manufacturing (and trade professions) every year.
  • Wages are rising astronomically – severely limiting manufacturers’ ability to produce products at an economical rate.
  • The high cost of health insurance, safety expenditures and training costs.
  • Workers concerned with shop conditions, and operating in close proximity to others, are frequent no-shows – causing line shut-downs.

These facts ladder toward over 2 million jobs being unfilled during this decade, at a time when demand is at unprecedented high levels.  The Great Resignation is very real.  With a compounding problem on the horizon – manufacturers must innovate to survive.  People are searching for more satisfying experiences – both in life and in their employment.  Establishing a plan to replace mundane or repetitive worker tasks is something every manufacturer must examine to ensure they are capable of meeting goals while being less reliant upon archaic human production processes.  Automation Solutions LLC is a unique business partner who can not only assist in implementing the type of automation necessary, but is also equipped to help analyze the costs associated with this type of investment in comparison to the return.

Assembly Line AutomationWith Robot


Small Business Manufacturing Automation


Innovation through automation can (and should) occur in businesses of all sizes.  We’ve partnered to assist “mom and pop” shops in elevating their production throughput to new levels, as well as supporting large Fortune 500 companies with their need to build custom machines featuring robotics and complex control systems.  No matter what size the business, the goal typically remains the same, “increase throughput while driving down the cost per unit.”  As mentioned previously… while everyone seems to be seeking more meaningful experiences – these are the types of activities that bring satisfaction to our organization.  Helping customers achieve more profitable and successful outcomes. 

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Manufacturers: Steer Clear Of The Great Resignation With Innovation Through Automation
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